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美国悦膜建筑膜案例-New window film at Polk County Public Library
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New window film at Polk County Public Library Published 4:26pm Thursday, July 18, 2013 Email Comments Tweet Come in on a bright and hot sunny day and you will notice a change at the Polk County Public Library in Columbus. With a generous donation by the Friends of the Polk County Public Library, the library staff can say that they have their “shades on.” The windows inside the library now support a cost effective film that helps in reducing glare along with heat and electricity cost. The Friends of Library, a non-profit organization who sponsors lobby book sales and bi-annual book sales, along with other programming support, gave the funds to cover this project. Those at the library immediately began to see positive results. “We are very grateful to have such wonderful support from the Friends of the Library, they are a blessing to the library and the community,” said Director Cindy Nanney.